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Leroy Somer Generator ends

Leroy Somer brushless alternators, also known as US electric, are one of the top four generator manufacturers. We can get you a great price on a Leroy Somer brushless alternator whether you are replacing a generator that originally had a Leroy Somer or you are building a generator from scratch. Leroy Somer is a good choice and Hardy diesel can get it for you quick and cheap. We will be adding a lot of useful information to this page regarding Leroy Somer's brushless alternators. In the mean time, please call us toll free at 800 341 7027 and Int 619 669 1995

Below is a list of the worlds best generator end manufacturers. We are a direct distributor for all of them.


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Below is a list of the world's best generator ends. We are a direct distributor for all of them.


Stamford Newage Generators


Mecc-alte Spa Generators


Marathon Electric Generators


Leroy Somers Generators


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