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Mecc-Alte Spa ECO Generator Ends




The new ECO series has been designed to meet both the traditional requirements of the industry and the more technological requirements of applications such as telecommunications, cogeneration, army, aeronautics and marine sectors.

The ECO generators are available with a 50/60 Hz frequency, with a single or double support. In order to couple them with the prime mover, it is possible to choose among a wide range of flanges and couplings.

Mechanical structure
The robust mechanical structure permits easy access to the connections and components during routine and extraordinary maintenance check-ups. The materials used for the manufacture of the mechanical structure are the following: FeP12 steel for the frame, C45 steel for the shaft and cast iron for the end-brackets. The standard degree of protection is IP21 or IP23; upon the customer's request, other higher degrees of protection, such as IP45, IP54, etc., are available.

Insulations and impregnations
lnsulation is of class H standard. Impregnation is made with tropicalized epoxy resins by dipping and dripping, whilst high voltage parts is done by vacuum. Either way, insulation level is always very good. In the highpower models, the stator windings undergo a further insulation. Special treatments for particular environmental conditions are available upon request.

The self-regulation is obtained through an electronic regulator. The regulator is fed by an auxiliary winding which guarantees an almost constant supply under any possible operating condition of the generator. The ECO series can be equipped with the new interchangeable U.V.R.6/1-F or S.R.7/2-G regulator, ensuring the same performance.

Voltage accuracy
The voltage accuracy is ±1% in static condition with any power factor and with speed variation between -5% and +30% with reference to the rated speed.

Voltage regulation
The voltage can be regulated by the "VOLT" potentiometer of the electronic regulator. By connecting a 1OOK ohms potentiometer in the proper terminals, it is also possible to obtain a remote voltage regulation in a range of 5% of the rated voltage.

Transient voltage and response times
At full load and no load, at constant speed, there is a transient voltage variation lower than 15% of the rated voltage. In such conditions, the 3% voltage resetting will occur in 0.2 seconds for powers up to 300 KVA, while for higher powers it will occur in 0.3 seconds. Make reference to the user's manual for more details.

The permissible overloads are of 300% for 20 seconds, of 50% for 2 minutes and of 10% for 1 hour every 6 hours of operation.

Parallel operation
ECN-ECO alternators can function in parallel among themselves, notwithstanding the type of alternator, and/or in parallel with the mains provided that they are equipped with the special device. This device is available upon request for the alternators up to type 37, while the alternators with a higher power are equipped with this as standard equipment. In case of parallel with the mains, we offer the P.F.R. 96/1 electronic device which controls the alternator's reactive current and/or power factor of the alternator.

Radio interference suppression

The standard generators comply with the specification VDE 0875, degree "K" and with the basic safety requirements of the European regulation on electromagnetic compatibility; by applying the European standards EN 50081-1 and EN 50082-1, we comply with the above mentioned regulation. On request, we can supply filters for more restrictive specifications such as MIL 461-462 D, etc.


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