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100kW Isuzu Diesel Generator


Standby: 108kW

Prime: 102kW


Available as: Single or Three Phase

120/240 277/480 Voltage or other






Powered By Isuzu: the featured diesel generator set is an ultra-clean juggernaut, capable of continuously providing a true 100kW in the most extreme of conditions.  Isuzu is known for being one of the longest-lasting diesel engines available, and features one of the best warranties in the industry.  If you depend upon your diesel generator in critical applications, and if you seek one that will lead all others in lifespan and continuous operation, look no further.  Isuzu offers one of the most comprehensive aftermarket support networks in North America making parts, service, warranty and technical support readily available whether you are in Alberta, Texas, New England or West Coast.  The featured generator is outfitted with genuine Isuzu factory accessories.  Contact Hardy Diesel today to learn more. 


Isuszu Diesel generator right rear 45



Isuzu Diesel generator 640