Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption Chart

This chart approximates the fuel consumption of a diesel generator based on the size of the generator and the load at which the generator is operating.  Please note that this table is intended to be used as an estimate of how much fuel a generator uses during operation and is not an exact representation due to various factors that can increase or decrease the amount of fuel consumed.

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Chart numbers represent estimated gallons per hour consumed (Gallons/Hour, Gal/Hour).

Generator Size (kW)50 Percent Load75 Percent Load100 Percent Load
80.39 gal/hr0.54 gal/hr0.69 gal/hr
100.53 gal/hr0.65 gal/hr0.88 gal/hr
150.69 gal/hr0.94 gal/hr1.22 gal/hr
200.90 gal/hr1.30 gal/hr1.60 gal/hr
301.80 gal/hr2.40 gal/hr2.90 gal/hr
402.30 gal/hr3.20 gal/hr4.00 gal/hr
602.90 gal/hr3.80 gal/hr4.80 gal/hr
753.40 gal/hr4.60 gal/hr6.10 gal/hr
1004.10 gal/hr5.80 gal/hr7.40 gal/hr
1255.00 gal/hr7.10 gal/hr9.10 gal/hr
1355.40 gal/hr7.60 gal/hr9.80 gal/hr
1505.90 gal/hr8.40 gal/hr10.90 gal/hr
1756.80 gal/hr9.70 gal/hr12.70 gal/hr
2007.70 gal/hr11.00 gal/hr14.40 gal/hr
2308.80 gal/hr12.50 gal/hr16.60 gal/hr
2509.50 gal/hr13.60 gal/hr18.00 gal/hr
30011.30 gal/hr16.10 gal/hr21.50 gal/hr
35013.10 gal/hr18.70 gal/hr25.10 gal/hr
40014.90 gal/hr21.30 gal/hr28.60 gal/hr
50018.50 gal/hr26.40 gal/hr35.70 gal/hr
60022.00 gal/hr31.50 gal/hr42.80 gal/hr
75027.40 gal/hr39.30 gal/hr53.40 gal/hr

Why do some engines burn more fuel than others at the same load?
The biggest factor is fuel consumption related to cooling fans and water pumps of various generator sets. For that reason, a 100kW generator will burn more fuel at 10kW than a 10kW generator set.

Can I believe the manufacturer’s spec sheets when it comes to fuel consumption?
It depends. There are no established standards or regulations governing how manufacturers measure fuel consumption for generator sets or engines. Additionally, there are no standard conditions in which these tests should be performed, therefore fuel consumption numbers reported can vary from brand to brand.