Electrical Formulas for Generator Set Sizing

The following electrical formulas provide information on important conversions related to generator sets. We also have power calculators and conversion tools. Note these tools and formulas should not replace a consulting a local electrical contractor to review your onsite requirements.

Kilowatts (kW)(I x E x PF) / 1000(I x E x 1.73 x PF) / 1000
kVAI x E / 1000I x E x 1.73 / 1000
Horsepower(I x E x %EFF x PF) / 746(I x E x 1.732 x %EFF x PF) / 746
(when kW is known)
(KW x 1000) / (E x PF)(KW x 1000) / (1.73 x E x PF)
(when kVA is known)
(KVA x 1000) / E(KVA x 1000) / (1.73 x E)
(when HP is known)
(HP x 746) / (E x %EFF x PF)(HP x 746) / (1.73 x E x %EFF x PF)

Definitions to Abbreviations in Formulas

KVA = Kilo Volt Amperes
KW = KiloWatts (1000 Watts = 1 KW)
I = Ampere (Volt-Amperes Or Current)
E = Volts
PE = Power Factor
%EFF = Percent Efficiency
HP = Horsepower

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